Are you a vegetarian restaurant or a vegan restaurant? What does plant based mean?

We are technically a fully vegan restaurant, though we believe that the word plant based is more encompassing of people who don’t regularly eat a vegan diet. Our mission is to make it easier, more delicious, and more enjoyable to get more vegetables into people’s diets. :)

Is your restaurant gluten free?

Though we aren’t certified as a gluten free restaurant, we don’t use any gluten containing ingredients in our food. We work hard to make all of our desserts just as delicious with our home-ground oat flour.

Do you do delivery?

Of course. :) We do delivery through Ithaca To Go

I have a birthday/ large party/ event coming up and I was wondering if you cater?

Yes! We would love to work with you to create the perfect menu for your event. :) Email us at with what you’re looking for, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Do you have gift cards?

We now have physical gift cards in-store as well as virtual (emailed) gift cards available at this website.

Do you have calorie counts for any of the menu items?

We don’t have any calorie counts for any of our items at this time, though we are more than happy to make a list of all the ingredients we put into our goodies! Everything unpackaged (from sauces and soups to desserts and nut cheeses) are made in house from real, whole fruits, nuts, and vegetables, and we always opt for olive and coconut oils rather than rice bran or canola.

Can Nikki Green donate money, meals, or gift cards to our charity or event?

Though we would LOVE (!!) to share Nikki Green with everyone, we are still a new restaurant and it is difficult for us to donate most things at this time. If your event is smaller than 35 people, we may be able to accommodate and gift some delicious vegan, gluten free dessert items or a gift card.

Is Nikki Green hiring?

Our view is that we always have room for more talented, passionate people on our team. Shoot us an email with your cover letter at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

What local farms and suppliers do you work with?

We work with Main Street Farms, Regional Access, B&W Supply, Forty Weight Coffee, West Haven Farm, Ithaca Soy, Stick and Stone Farm, Polestar Farm, Ravines Wine Cellars, and Madeira Trading, but we always love to expand our list! If you have a recommendation or would like to supply your own goodies, please see the next question. :)

I am a local supplier, farmer, or artisan and I would love to get my goodies into your space! How can I work with you?

First of all, go you, you stellar human! We LOVE you guys! Please contact us at (or fill out the contact form below) and tell us a little more about your passion!

Are your disposables compostable?

Yes! We work hard to ensure that every water cup, sauce container, and fork that leaves Nikki Green is compostable. Though we are transitioning to reusable bowls and cups in-store, we ask for your patience as we don’t have a hood over our dish washer (as most restaurants do) and every dish is washed by hand rather than passed though a speedy machine with harsh chemicals. Email us at if you want some of our free spent coffee grounds or vegetable-only compost! Please note that we cannot deliver the compost, you must come pick it up from Nikki Green. :)

Ah! I think I left my wallet/ umbrella/ coat at Nikki Green! How can I get it back?

As soon as we see something has been left in the dining area, our staff retrieves the item and holds it safely for you to reclaim it. We ask that you call us at (607) 319-0223 and our staff will happily check if we have your missing item.

Have a question that we haven’t answered here?

Contact us directly below :)

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