Getting “Nikki” To Eat More Greens

Nikki Green was founded with one main goal in mind: to truly care for people via food.

Jacky Falkenberg grew up wanting to learn about how various foods affected her body. This lead to her discovery of the whole foods, plant based diet, and she decided to give it a try. Immediately, Jacky found that all of her indigestion disappeared, she had clearer thoughts, and she felt more energetic. If only everyone could eat this way!

Unfortunately, it seemed that labels such as “vegan” or “plant based” drove people away. There was a misconception that the food she was eating couldn’t possibly taste good, because it was made of grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Rather than giving up on the people that turned her food away, Jacky decided to try again. This time, she would just make delicious food without telling people it was vegan. Her sister Nikki, a huge meat-eater, was the hardest to win over… but she knew that if the recipes were tasty enough, she could get Nikki to eat more greens! The idea for this restaurant concept follows that mentality. To get people like Nikki to eat more greens, we will create the tastiest, plant based food we can.

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